Thursday, December 9, 2010

Walt Disney Secret Mission?

Apparently, Disney uses some kind of hypnotic technology hidden messages in the movies that have been produced. This hypnotic messages that I know, how it works, sometimes doesn't have to deal with only one berkali2 saw the timeliness with which the right of the hypnotic messages Give evil hypnotist may go into the subconscious. The movie the Lion King and Alladin (as well as all the films made by Disney), hypnotic messages very much along the film. You should know the principles of hypnosis and the methods used and how effective and influence the subconscious mind, before you say it's the hypnotic technology is not the case.

From the sources above, Disney has a hidden agenda to change the minds of people who watch his films (both children and adults), so that the minds of people who are open to the world of sexuality that could lead to the Free Sex at an early age. In addition, children are more easily hypnotized, so that disney uses children's films.

Did you know that behind the silliness and funny behavior Walt Disney cartoon characters stored evil agenda that will destroy the values of humanity? This is emphasized by Wes Penre, an important figure behind the revival era of rock music and heavy-metal band from the United States in the 1980s. Penre Wes is a former member of the cult devil, who later repented and became a U.S. researcher entertainment world. The man behind the success of many American rock group is the site Illuminaty News (July 4, 2004) wrote a short article titled "The Walt Disney Agenda".

Penre opened the article with the sentence, "I watched the movie yesterday, titled" The "Haunted Mansion, starring Eddie Murphy film was produced by Disney .. It's not just a movie with poor acting devil, there's something behind it. The first question about this film after I watched it, is: To whom this movie adults, or children if for adults, this film is too light, and not funny, but if for the kids, this is a very big movie??. scary then. for who exactly Disney make this movie? "

Penre said to answer all these questions, we must know who the real Walt Disney, Disney's mission, that has been created and is used as what? " Walt Disney member of degrees of Freemasonry 33A °, highly that can only be achieved by the Jewish leaders, as well as a member of the Illuminaty. For all the heroes of the cartoons he created are scattered in various films, history books, fairy tales, and so on, you're illuminaty hidden agenda to influence and settings to the thoughts, writes Penre " children.

All Disney contain Masonic symbols, occultism, and education and awareness. " Through Disney, they poisoned human thought since children, to be able to receive " ever. They also started in the early stages of children around the world, the so-called black magic, witchcraft, Novy Svet Order " as roads good exit " said Penre who also wrote the problems in the world of entertainment Illuminaty America.

Without their knowledge, their children have "disappeared" in Disneyland and Disney ' s kidnapped by the company and sacrificed and become agents of slaves in the new world order in their future. Terrible, Disney is able to do all this in the dormitories and rooms of all families in this world. "Now we return to the film" La Mansion Haunted '. We understand how unlikely that parents forbid children to see this film, which seemed destined for children, but many of them contain elements of violence, sexuality, etc, "added."

Penre also recalled that once a friend found it strange at Disneyland, California. "Somewhere in the middle of Disneyland, this man went and hid in the bushes for only smoking." Unexpectedly, between bushes that sees a tunnel in the ground. He came in with caution. From the ground he heard the sound of children crying... ", said Penre.

You can see evidence of the article above, looking at this video:

Source: Kaskus with little alteration 


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