Monday, March 21, 2011

Natural Phenomena of Material and Occurence of Biotic Components

Biotic means living organisms. Animals, plants, microorganisms, and humans are biotic components. Living organisms have specific characteristics. Touch-me-not plants (Mimosa pudica) have characteristic such as a pink flower, thorny stems, and leaves that close when they are touched. Another example is a cat that has soft and brownish fur. Specific conditions or characteristic that belong to living organisms are natural phenomena of material of biotic components.All living organisms do activities, such as growing, moving, reproducing, responding to stimuli, and excreting. Those activities are the natural phenomena of occurrence of biotic objects.

Let's take a look at the following examples. A striped bee is flying around a red rose with thorny stems to collect honey.

In this event, which are the biotic components? Which one is the natural phenomena of material and which one is the natural phenomena of occurrence? The striped bee and red rose are the biotic components; the stripe pattern of the bee, the red color and thorn of the rose, are the natural phenomena of material biotic components; while flying and collecting honey are the natural phenomena of occurrence of the biotic components.

Another example: Ali has a healthy body; he is sweating after exercising. The biotic component is Ali; his healthy body is the natural phenomenon of material of the biotic components; while sweating is te natural phenomenon of occurrence of the biotic components.

Pay attention to the following example. A hibiscus with dangling pistil and stamens, start to blossom in the morning. :)



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